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East Timor Childrens Fund About Us
East Timor is situated about 730 kilometres north of Darwin with a total area of 14609 sq kilometres and a population of approximately 1,603,000 people.

On the 20th May 2002 the people of East Timor won their hard fought battle for independence.

We have visited and travelled extensively throughout East Timor since our first visit in July 2002 when we went to see if we could sponsor an orphan.

After visiting numerous orphanages and seeing so much poverty, lack of facilities and denial of opportunities we decided this wasn’t good enough and we had to do something.
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After discussions with various groups in support of East Timor, including Church groups and other charitable organisations, we felt compelled to help not just one child but an entire community.

With this in mind we set up the East Timor Childens Fund. Since it commenced in September 2005 our sponsorship programme has grown enormously.

The East Timor Childrens Fund is a non-profit organisation that cannot survive without your kind support and generosity.

Your support means a lot, not only to us, but also to the people of East Timor.


Mario Ricardo
Wendy Ricardo
Dr Robert John Kearney (Order of Australia recipient)
Damian Nelson


East Timor Childrens Fund - Our Mission
2002 - July
Our first visit to East Timor to see how we could help and to find a sponsor child.

2005 -May
Our second more extensive visit to East Timor. Travelled the entire island still looking for a sponsor child. After visiting many orphanages we decided to see if we could help an entire orphanage.

2005 - August
Started the East Timor Childrens Fund to assist with the raising of funds to help the orphanage in East Timor.

2005 - September
We have received our first donation. We are on our way.

2006 - September
Our third visit to East Timor to finalise details with the Dominican Sisters regarding sponsorship of the children to help raise money for education and other community projects.