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East Timor Childrens Fund How You Can Help

To be able to raise funds required to cover the costs of various projects we require your assistance with our sponsorship program.

Two dollars per week, or less than a cup

of coffee, goes a long way to help a child

in Timor-Leste.  Your financial contribution

to the East Timor Childrens Fund will

assist to educate the sponsor child

along with many others in selected

villages throughout Timor-Leste. 

In addition, your funds will be used

to support a range of projects to

improve facilities in their communities.

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We invite you to enter into a life giving relationship with the children in selected communities in Timor-Leste.

To facilitate this you will receive:-
- a photo and details of one of the children
- periodic reports on his/her well-being and growth
- opportunities to correspond through letters


Sponsoring will normally continue whilst the child is at school. This enables the East Timor Childrens Fund to complete the various projects throughout the communities in Timor-Leste.

East Timor Childrens Fund Image We do understand that sometimes circumstances change and you may need to alter your sponsorship.  The scheme is structured in such a way as to easily facilitate this.  Your contributions are added to a fund and all the children are sponsored from this fund, so any small changes or disruption will not affect individual projects. 

Of course, a drop in available funds will mean that the level of support for all the children and the various projects will be adversely affected. If you are not able to make regular sponsorship payments on either a temporary or permanent basis please contact us to look at other options available.

East Timor Childrens Fund - Our Mission
How we do this depends on the communities requirements by way of extra lessons, such as English, Tourism, Hospitality, Arts, Sports, Cooking etc. or extra teachers and facilities to accommodate these classes.

With this extra help, the children will be in a better position upon leaving school to find a job that will help them to support themselves and their families.