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East Timor Childrens Fund How To Sponsor

1. Individual Child Sponsorships
  Child Sponsorship allows East Timor Childrens Fund to complete various projects throughout Timor-Leste to assist in the education of the children within the communities.
  Cost: AU$100-00 per year (AU$1.92 per week)
2. Library
  Provide at least one set of Tetum language books to each orphanage, Dili and Soibada, each set contains 20 books purchased from Mary MacKillop East Timor.
  Cost: AU$100-00 per set (AU$5-00 per book)
3. Build class Room
  Have a classroom built to house the sewing classes, computer classes, toy library and library.
  Cost: US$30,000-00
4. Cooking Room
  Provide stove and all necessary utensils, pots and pans to ensure they have everything they need to be able to learn to cook international and traditional cuisine as well as presentation.
  Cost: donations
Shipping fees and Customs duty apply
5. Sewing Room
  Provide 4 sewing machines, 2 overlockers and all necessary tools i.e. Needles, pins, patterns etc to enable the girls to learn how to sew and design their own clothes.
  Cost: AU$2000-00
Shipping fees and Customers duty apply
6. Computer Room
  Supply 5 new computers and all in one printer/copier/scanner to give the children better job prospects for their future.
  Cost: AU$10,000-00
Shipping fees and Customs duty apply
7. Scholarship Fund
  Set up scholarship funds for higher education in trades, agriculture, healthcare and teaching in East Timor
  Cost: US$300-00 per year (US$6.75 per week)
9. Teacher Exchange    
  Bring an existing teacher over here to sit in on our schools classes to learn and see how we teach the children here so that they can take that back to East Timor and have some more ideas on how to educate the children in East Timor.    
  Cost: AU$1500-00 Air fares plus AU$50-00 per week living expenses    
10. Toy Library
  Use the toys which have been donated to set up a toy library at the orphanages so that all the children get to play with all the toys not just one or two. Toys will be updated through donations.
  Cost: Shipping fees and Customs duty apply
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