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East Timor Childrens Fund How To Sponsor


East Timor Childrens Fund is committed to the welfare and protection of the children and communities they sponsor in Timor-Leste.


The following policies and procedures have been established to facilitate this objective.


The supporters of East Timor Childrens Fund also have a responsibility to follow these policies to maintain the safety of everyone involved.


Every person who is connected with East Timor Childrens Fund including Trustees, staff, volunteers, contractors, sponsors and supporters are also required to share in the responsibility of protecting the children, their families and their communities.


Our Commitment

East Timor Childrens Fund is committed to protecting your privacy and any information collected by us is only used to help those in need.


Child Security

By agreeing to sponsor a child, you are agreeing that you will not attempt to contact the child, his/her family or community in any way other than by sending a letter or small package through East Timor Childrens Fund.  Telephone calls, emails and unplanned visits to the child’s community or residence are not allowable without the written permission of East Timor Childrens Fund.


By agreeing to sponsor a child you are in effect agreeing to sponsor the entire community which the project is helping.  No funds will be directly paid to the child or his/her family.  All funds will go into a pool and these funds will be used to complete various projects in the sponsor child’s community.


Sponsorship Guidelines

So that we can ensure that the children, their families and their communities stay safe and retain their privacy we have developed the following guidelines:-



When you agree to sponsor a child, you will receive a photo and details of the child.  You may display the child’s photo at home or in your personal space at work.  We insist that you help us to protect the identity of the child by not copying, scanning, emailing or duplicating photos of the child.  Do not display the child’s photo on any website or intranet site including Facebook etc.



To retain the safety and privacy of the child, as well as the donor, any correspondence with the child will need to go through the office at East Timor Childrens Fund to ensure that your details do not get used by the wrong people who may try to request money etc.


We advise that personal gifts to individual children are not allowed as they can cause a sense of favoritism and angst within the community members.


When writing letters please do not enclose any personal details like surname, address, phone number, bank details or any other sensitive personal information which could be used to detrimental effect.


We ask for your patience when sending letters as all letters will be forwarded directly to the child’s community and it may take some time for the letters to get there as the mail system is still slow outside of the major cities of Dili and Baucau.


We rely on our in-Country Partner in Timor-Leste to advise us of any changes to the status of the sponsor children within the community.  Once our in-Country Partner has advised that a child has left the community and project we will advise the sponsor, in writing, and provide details of an alternate child to ensure continuation of the project.


Child Visitation

If a sponsor would like to visit the sponsor child and community they will first need to apply in writing to East Timor Childrens Fund.  Any persons visiting the community will need to agree to and comply with East Timor Childrens Fund Policy and Procedures, they will also need to supply East Timor Childrens Fund with a recent Police check obtained at their own expense.


East Timor Childrens Fund does not allow for individuals to meet with the sponsor children without being accompanied by a member of East Timor Childrens Fund or a staff member from their in-Country partner.  All meetings must take place at a project approved meeting place and never in the childs home.


East Timor Childrens Fund reserves the right to refuse permission for visits.


Ending a Sponsorship Project

Ending of the Child Sponsorship project will occur once the community projects set out by East Timor Childrens Fund have been completed and the community is able to fully self-sustain the continuance of the projects as well as bring about their own developments without the need for external support.


Once the project has been completed you will be given the opportunity to support projects within other communities.


In exceptional circumstances a project may be withdrawn prior to completion due to a number of unforeseen events such as civil or political unrest, misuse of funds, problems with in-Country partners etc.  If this occurs sponsors will be notified immediately of the withdrawal.


Information we collect

The personal information collected and kept by East Timor Childrens Fund will depend on the type of project you wish to support or the enquiry you make.


The personal information collected may include:-


  • Your name
  • Your employer or company name
  • Your address
  • Your phone/fax numbers
  • Your email address
  • Your bank account details


If you opt not to provide us with certain information we may not be able to provide you with information or process your sponsorship/donation.


Your information is collected directly from you when you complete an online enquiry form, a sponsor registration form or make an enquiry over the telephone.


How we use your information

Your personal information may be used:-


  • to process your donation or sponsorship
  • to provide you with a receipt
  • to provide you with details of a sponsor child
  • to provide you with details of another project
  • to advise you of any changes to programs or sponsorship
  • to confirm you identity when you make an enquiry
  • to address any feedback or complaints you may have
  • or when otherwise required by law



Who we might disclose information to:-


  • credit providers
  • an authorized legal representative nominated by you
  • our accountants and auditors
  • our solicitor
  • any organization as required by law, especially regarding the protection of the children.

Once you have made a donation/sponsorship payment, the length of time we keep your information is no longer than what is required under law.


If you need to modify any information we hold please contact East Timor Childrens Fund either by:-


East Timor Childrens Fund

PO Box 4392

Ashmore Plaza



When contacting us please provide all your contact details ie. Full name, address, phone number and email address.


You have the right to access the personal information the East Timor Childrens Fund holds on you.  All requests should be made in writing to the above address.


Links to other websites

There are links on the East Timor Childrens Fund website to other websites, there may also be links to our website on other websites, we advise that we have no responsibility for the practices, content or privacy policies of any website or company other than our own.


We may make changes to our policy and procedures at any time without notice.  Any changes will be updated on our website.




East Timor Childrens Fund - Our Mission
Half of East Timor’s children under five are stunted according to the World Bank. Half the country cannot read. Sixty per cent if the population has no safe source of drinking water and three-quarters have no access to electricity.

Research that has been conducted recently has highlighted that education is a serious priority. Our aim is not to change what is being taught in the schools, but to enhance it.

How we do this depends on the schools requirements by way of extra lessons, such as English, Tourism, Hospitality, Arts, Sports, Cooking etc. or extra teachers and facilities to accommodate these classes.

With this extra help, the children will be in a better position upon leaving school to find a job that will help them to support themselves and their families.